The settings-menu is rather extensive and offers three different views for different user levels. The items described below are important for standard users. The display can be changed to advanced or expert view by pressing the button between „Save“ and „Cancel“. These views contain settings that for the most part are interesting for developers only.

In Cachebox you will find a short explanation for every item, which can be selected by long clicking on the items.

For a detailed description of each item click on the image.


  • Language selection: you can choose from different languages. These are in parts not yet translated completely. If you are interested in helping us, feel free.
  • Login settings: Here you can set the access data for Geocaching services.
  • Edit Quickbutton Bar: Here you can choose the quickbuttons and their order.
  • Map: Here you can set your preferred parameters for the map view.
  • GPS Settings: Settings for GPS and compass can be found here.
  • Compass: Settings for displaying the compass view
  • Misc: Adjust the operation of Cachebox
  • Skin: Set  the user interface
  • API: Here you will find an extended version of the import-menu.
  • Folder: Paths to the standard folders can be changed here.
  • Fieldnotes templates: You can define your own text which will appear in all of your  fieldnotes.
  • Internal: Only change these settings if you know what will happen :)
  • CarMode: CarMode can be activated by long clicking the GPS button in map view.
  • Don't ask again: Here you can switch off alerts.
  • Debug: Informations for developers
  • Positions: not important for standard users.



The settings are saved in /Cachebox/User/config.db3 and can not be changed with a text editor. Changing the settings is done by Cachebox or by using an external database editor (e.g. SQLite Manager). Only data which have been changed in Cachebox are saved here.

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