Main Buttons

Cachebox is being handled solely with the 5 main buttons, which offer different sub-menus.

Cachebox does not support the menu button of your Android device. All the tasks are selected with the built-in buttons (long click/click/gesture).

Button Database Button Cache Button Karte Button Tool Button Settings
Cache Database Cache Details Map Display Tools Settings

The currently active button is displayed by a yellow icon. Active buttons can contain submenus.



Submenus are activated by short or long clicks.

Activated map button. The dots in the lower right corner indicate submenus.

Short click for submenu

Long click for another submenu


Further handling can be done with so called Quick-Buttons, which can be displayed in a bar at the top of the screen.

The bar can be configured freely in the settings menu (Edit Quickbutton Bar). Thus every user can add frequently used menu items to the bar according to his or her liking and access them quickly. You can also choose if the bar is visible permanently or is removed as needed (by wiping up or down).


Controlling with Gestures

The following submenus can be reached with gestures:





Cog (About):

  • Wipe up: List
  • Wipe to right: TB list
  • Wipe down: Tracks
  • Wipe up: Description
  • Wipe to right: Waypoints
  • Wipe down: Logs
  • Wipe up: Map
  • Wipe to right: Compass
  • Wipe down: Satnav
  • Wipe to left: Internal satnav
  • Wipe up: Quick Fieldnote
  • Wipe to right: Solver 2
  • Wipe down: Take a photo
  • Wipe left: Solver 1
  • Wipe up: About
  • Wipe down : End program
  • Wipe to left : Setup



In the upper part of the screen a kind of title bar is displayed as a slider. Here you can see the name of the currently selected cache.

This slider can be pulled down at any time and will then show additional information about GPS-status, currently selected cache and - if available – the currently selected waypoint. Thus you can get a quick overview without having to leave the current view (e.g. the map). For a better general view you can hide slider and quickbutton bar by pulling up the slider.

The use of the usual Android-featured keys (such as the menu key) had been implemented in older ACB versions, but this was reverted following an appeal of Google asking not to use this key any longer.



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