Cachebox does not use the menu-button of your Android phone, all the features are selected via built-in buttons (click/long click)!

The use of offline maps is being explained here. Remember: Buttons can be used in two different ways: click and long click!!

This wiki is based on the short manual by GeoSilverio. Thanks

Cachebox is a program for "paperless" caching on Android smartphones. The creators made a point of making it independent from other programs and of the possibility to go caching completely offline, that is without any active data connection.

Originally, Cachebox was developed for the WindowsMobile platform (not WindowsPhone). WinCachebox and Cachebox for Android came along later. At the moment, the main developers' main focus is on Cachebox for Android. WinCachebox is mainly used for managing Geocache- databases, because editing notes or solver is much faster here.

 This is what Cachebox can do:

  • Display descriptions of caches and additional waypoints (including pictures).

  • List of imported logs and notes of a cache.

  • Access to a caches hints.

  • Waypoint management with a list of waypoints resulting from cache-import and the option to add waypoints.

  • Support of waypoint - projection.

  • Access to telephone-jokers via connection to gcJoker.de (Germany only)

  • Possibility to take your own notes for a cache.

  • Fieldnotes: log a cache as found, not found etc., with the option to send the log immediately.

  • Calculate formulas with the solver

This is what Cachebox can't do:

Cachebox does not perform any action that is not allowed by the various providers - above all Groundspeak. Cachebox does not pick any informations from the gc.com-website.
Cachebox only communicates via the "Geocaching-Live"-gateway, which should be completely sufficient.
Here feature restrictions may only occur for non-PM-accounts.

A click on the pictures below will lead to the corresponding program.

Cachebox for Android


Cachebox for WinMobile



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