F.A.Q generally

Where can I download the newest version ?

The latest officially published versions are to be found in each case on the Source Forge page to the projects.

=>  Cachebox for Android

=>  Cachebox for Windows Mobile

=>  Cachebox for Windows


For everybody those which would always like to be on the newest state, there is one more Drop Box folder in which the last developer versions are to be found.

=>  To the DropBox

When updates published for Cachebox?

stable updates are published in google play store when they are done (usually 1-2 month)

nightly builds are available almost daily. (they might be buggy because of new features)


How and when Cachebox originate?

There is a blog from 2009 available where hannes! writes about cachebox (only in german)

Do I need a Groundspeak Premium Membership?

It is not necessary to have a premium membership, but it is recommended to use the advantages of e.g. Pocketqueries and Live downloads. A comparison between basic and premium membership can be found here.

Copied from

  •  Basic Members shall be limited to viewing full geocache details for up to 3 Geocaches per day. Prior to viewing the full details for each of the 3 geocache listings, the Basic Member must be notified of this restriction using text supplied by Groundspeak or, in the absence of text supplied by Groundspeak, text which is substantially similar to the text displayed in Exhibit B.
  • b. Geocache search results for Basic Members shall be limited to Traditional Geocache Listings only.
  • c. Basic Members may request full geocache details for non-Traditional Geocaches using the GC reference code; however, they will remain subject to the limitation of 3 as set forth in section 1a above.

If you prepare your caches well before you use cachebox outdoor, basic membership is enough.


Cachebox is official partner of using the Geocaching Live API


Cachebox is free?

Cachebox for Android, Windows, Windows Mobile available for free

I want to support you, what can I do?

You can help us by

If you want to help to develop, please contact us using the forum.

I did not find anything here, now what?

There is a open forum where you can read discussed topics and write your own questions. All developers frequently read and answer the postings there.

How do I get a GCVote account?

GcVote is an extension of the cache description where users can rate the quality of a cache. For browsers this extensions can be installed as a greasemonkey script for the geocaching homepage.

You can import the ratings without having an account.

If you want to rate caches you should contact the webmaster of GCVote Guido to get a password.

Is there Cachebox also for the IPhone?

No sorry, Cachebox is only availabe for

  • Windows
  • Windows mobile
  • Android
  • Linux (soon)
  • Mac (soon)

end faq


F.A.Q Android (ACB)

How do I set the map on the compass?

There are two ways of displaying the map:

  • north is static on top
  • the map is aligned to north

Do a doubleclick on the map symbol (N) and choose align to compass.

Alternatively the viewing can be changed in settings - map - "Show Map north oriented"

How do I switch from day to night mode?

  • Do a longclick on the settings button (right) and choose Day/Night.
  • You can add a quickbutton "Day/Night" to your quickbutton bar.

How do I turn on, an external GPS receiver at Cachebox?

It is necessary to use an 3rd party program which gives access to the gps data. Tested programs  are e.g.  Bluetooth GPS or Bluetooth GPS Provider.You have to enable the option "mock gps provider". This may block other programs which need the originate gps data (e.g munzee).

  1. install e.g bluetoothGPS
  2. connect gps with mobile (search for device in bluetooth settings) and do a pairing
  3. enable bluetoothGPS and connect to external GPS. be sure that "Mock GPS Provider" is enabled
  4. check status
  5. the internal gps has to be disabled
  6. start cachebox



How do I update the Cache logs in the database?

  • Longclick the description of the cache to access the point "Reload Cache (API), this will renew the log entries.
  • Import a newer pq or gpx file

How does the import of GPX files?


  • If you are a premium member you can use the import function:
  1. be sure to have a valid API-Key (Longclick setting (right) - setting - login settings - Get API key)
  2. doubleclick cachelist (left) to access "import"
  3. load availabe pocketqueries by clicking "Load PQ List"
  4. choose pocketqueries
  5. choose optional:
  •  import gcvote ratings
  • description images (images that are shown in the listing
  • spoiler images (hint images that are shown on demand)
  • delete old logs
  • compact data base
  • Otherwise you can copy a pocketquery as a zip or a gpx file in the folder pocketquery (default: /cachebox/pocketquery). Goto the import dialog an choose GPX.




How can I filter by Cache types?

After Longclick the left symbol (Cachelist) you can find the entry "Filter"

  • You can quick choose stored settings in Preset
  • You can choose own filter settings in Setting
  • availabe, not available, own, disabled, ...
  • difficulty (D/T) & quality (gcvote)
  • cachetype (traditional, multi, mystery, ...)
  • attribute (night, winter, ...)

You can store your personal filter settings as a preset.

  • You can choose in for pocketqueries in detail in Category

If you are using a Filter, the cache list button will be marked red.

How do I create a new database?

To work with small databases it is recommended to create different databases for different zone (e.g. homezone, holiday, other location). Pocketqueries should be imported to the related database.

To create a new database there a two ways:

  • at the starting screen of cachebox (new database)
  • doubleclick on cache list button (left) - Manage DB - New DB

The database is stored by default in the cachebox directory  as a *db3 file (SQlight)

Can I log the Cache directly online?

Cachebox does not support a direct log to Team-Cachebox does not want to support short logs, therefore there is an option to compose fieldnotes, which can be transfered to your profile in You can edit your fieldnotes to become logs. The fieldnotes are able to use templates with variables for time, date and number of finds.

Where can I get offline maps?

You can use build-in online maps or offline maps.

The offlinemaps can be found at e.g. mapsforge. You have to choose a 0.3.0 version or higher, 0.2.4 maps are not supported any more.

The map can be placed in the default folder (/cachebox/repository/maps/) or any other folder (You have to change the settings (setting - folder - Map pack folder).


  • Make sure to restart after changing the path
  • To change the map type doubleclick the map symbol and choose Map type to use the offline map




How do I get a GCJoker account?

Cachebox is able to use the service of gcjoker to get telephone hints to certain caches. Therefore you need an account on this page and must be willing to give help for at least 5 found caches.

Click on "hier anmelden" on gcjoker. Then you can upload a pocketquery with your finds.

If you are done goto "my gcJoker", you can find the md5-hash at the bottom of the page.

md5 hash of gcjoker

You shoud insert the signs after "md5=" to the login settings of cachebox

Why is the compass is so slow?

It is possible to adapt the time for updating the GPS and compass signal  (Settings - GPS - GPS Settings).

For a fast illustration change the updating time to e.g. 150ms. You need a fast device and a lot resources.

To save computing power and RAM change the time to e.g. 500ms. The illustration will be updated only twice a second.

Where can you change the font size?


Where can you adjust the finds?


How to change the "external" navigation provider?

How can i choose the app which is opened by clicking "navigato to (external)"?

You have to go to system settings (android) and choose Apps. Find the app that is opened by cachebox in "installed apps" and delete the default values. Then you can choose again which app is opened for navigation.

If Navigon as a navigation app is installed it is opened as default and cannot be changed.

How to make a Catlog File?

To report an error it is useful for the developers to get a detailed errordescription. If you want to report a repeatable error, you should install the app Catlog from GooglePlay Store. After starting catlog use the menubutton to start an recording. Now you can start Cachebox and do the action that leads to the error. After changing back to catlog and quitting the recording you can find a textfile stored in you catlog folder. You should send this file with the error and action description by mail or bugtracker to the developers.

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F.A.Q Windows (WCB)

FAQ content 2


F.A.Q Windows Mobile (CB)

FAQ content 3


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